Saturday, October 2, 2010

So Halloween Is Right Around The Corner...

And I simply cannot decide what to dress Athena as. I love this pirate costume because it's long sleeved, and even if she gets sick of the hat, without it you can still tell it's a pirate.

What do you think? What are you being for Halloween? What are your kid(s) being?

On a different note, Athena turns 18 month [or a year and a half] old today! Only six more months until my little hoot is TWO years old! If you're a parent of a infant, enjoy every single day! It sure does fly.
Yesterday Athena and I went out in the wagon again so we could take advantage of the perfect weather north Texas has been having. She's gotten really attached to a pair of my little brother's sunglasses and insisted on wearing them on her wagon ride. So, as any parent does when their child looks adorable, I snapped a few pictures.

Feel free to comment and leave me your thoughts. :]


  1. Olivia's going as a kitty and Brianna's still not sure (need to figure that out soon!!!)