Tuesday, December 7, 2010

My Little [Flu] Bug

When I was younger, I used to marvel at my mom's ability to not be grossed out by anything. I accepted that it was a 'mom thing,' but I still never understood how she could change diapers and clean up my puke and not hurl herself. She would always tell me, "India, it's different when it's your own child being sick. You'll be so distracted trying to take care of your child that you won't even think about how gross the job is."

Well, my little Athena has her first virus. I woke her up early yesterday morning and knew immediately something was up. She felt clammy and was whimpering a lot. A few minutes later, she got sick. Thankfully my father, who is a nurse, was home. I would have stayed home from school, but I had a final that morning. The entire time I was in my classes, my mind was on her. I wanted to be the one at home taking care of her, even if that mean getting puked on repeatedly. That afternoon, I came home as quickly as I could. She had been throwing up about every hour or so and sleeping a lot. This continued all night long; she'd sleep for an hour, wake up whimpering and upset, get sick and then go back to sleep. My wonderful father let me get some sleep from 6am-8am so I would have enough energy to repeat the routine today.

Athena seems to be feeling better, although she still whimpers a lot and is irritable. I got our VCR working, so we have a lineup consisting of Toy Story, The Lion King II, Atlantis, Aladdin and Pocahontas. She never ran a fever, which is a very good sign. I'm still afraid to give her anything to eat in fear that she won't be able to keep it down. Also, solid foods are harder for her to throw up. A steady diet of Pedialyte and Gatorade and the occasional crackers seems to be doing the trick.

Do you remember the first time your child[ren] got sick? Do you have any tips for me?

Coming up next: Christmas! :]


For Athena's second Thanksgiving, my family, my boyfriend and I went to east Texas to my grandparents house. We had a fantastic time being with my uncle and his family and my grandparents. Athena loved the outdoors! She spent most of her time dutifully picking up pinecones off of the ground and putting them into a wagon that she helped my cousin pull. She also loved chasing the "quack-quacks."

I've noticed that ever since I had Athena, the importance of family to me has grown
exponentially. Last Thanksgiving, I chose for Athena and I to not go with my family to east Texas, but to stay home with Athena's father's family. At the time, I felt like all my parents were
trying to do was keep him and I apart. But once I watched my family pack up and pull out of the driveway, I felt a crippling sadness. I wanted so badly to go with them, although I'd never admit it. This Thanksgiving, I felt, made up for last year. My entire family has such a wonderful amount of love for Athena, and that is what I'm thankful for this year.

What did you do for Thanksgiving? Do you have any traditions?

I hope everyone had a nice, warm, filling Turkey Day! :]